HSUWA to use survey responses to inform submission to inquiry

Wednesday 10 Jun 2015

The HSUWA will use information collected in a statewide survey of health workers to help formulate its submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH).

The Education and Health Standing Committee will conduct the inquiry into the transition and operation of services at the new hospital, following a string of complaints.

A copy of the invitation can be viewed here.

A recent survey of 650 health workers found only 10% of respondents believed the transition to FSH had been managed well, while almost 70% believed it had not been managed well.

We know you are very concerned about some of the well-documented issues at FSH, including IT and communication failures, problems with sterilisation of equipment and the management of patients.

However, the survey also highlighted other issues, such as a lack of policies and procedures, the transition being rushed, inadequate staffing levels and a lack of consultation with staff.

We will be following up these issues with you and the information you provide will help inform our submission to this inquiry.

It's really important that we convey your experiences "on the ground" to the Committee members so they can get a true understanding of the difficulties you are facing.

The union will present its submission to the Education and Health Standing Committee by Friday 19 June.

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