HSUWA welcomes move towards public sector permanency

Tuesday 21 Aug 2018

The Health Services Union Western Australia welcomes the announcement by Premier Mark McGowan that up to 13,000 public sector staff will be considered for immediate permanency.

Under the terms of the announcement, employees who have worked for more than two years in fixed-term or casual contracts roles will be eligible for permanent positions. This new policy will replace the current process for the conversion of fixed term contracts to permanent for the foreseeable future. (Those with current claims will have those reviewed)

It sits alongside current and new EBA provisions which enable the union to seek reviews of vacant positions and their subsequent advertising and filling of the positions. Combined these measures provide the means by which the level of permanent employment can be significantly increased .

The new Public Sector Commissioners Instruction No 23 – ‘Conversion of FTC and Casual Employees to Permanency’ can be found here. Further information relating to this announcement can be found here.

The HSUWA is in talks with the Health Department about this decision, including gathering more information about the timeline for the review, as well as resources, and advice to affected employees.

At this stage we do not know how many employees in the Government Health Sector are likely to be reviewed. As soon as we have more information, we will provide an update to members. 

The State Government have made a good start on delivering on this important issue after many months of negotiation with the HSUWA and other public sector unions. What we now need to see is their preference towards permanent employment translated into delivering actual permanent jobs to our members.

No action is required by members at this stage.  Keep an eye out for further updates on this.

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