Industrial Shorts

Friday 06 Nov 2020

Members have had some solid wins with their individual issues in the past few weeks. The wins included holding on to jobs, as well as finding new jobs or being paid compensation.

For example:

  • A member was denied her manager’s approval for a secondment opportunity. We appealed to the Head of Department for reconsideration of the manager’s decision and after significant advocacy, over a very tight deadline, were able to secure support for the secondment. The member got the job application in with minutes to spare and is very happy with her new role.
  • Successful appeal relating to the CI23 process for a Clinical Psychologist. The member was denied conversion to permanency in the first instance. The HSUWA instigated an appeal on the member’s behalf and through persistence and advocacy, the employer then advised there was sufficient funding to offer our member a part-time permanent role.
  • The HSUWA successfully negotiated compensation for a member who had been unfairly dismissed in the private sector. The compensation covered the period from being dismissed to securing new employment – a monetary value of approximately $8,000.
  • A clerical redeployee who had been undertaking training as a clinical coder was suddenly pulled from the training program in January 2020. This action was taken without any notice being given to our member and no reasonable explanation. We advocated on her behalf and have finally been advised that she will be returning to the training as a clinical coder imminently. Our member is very happy as she has now been provided with a further opportunity to prove she can be successful as a clinical coder.
  • A grievance at a HSP had been running for a considerable period of time and had not been resolved. We arranged for a meeting with the Director and HR and finally had the matter resolved to the satisfaction of our member.
  • The union successfully applied to the WAIRC to become a party to the Dental Technicians' and Attendant/ Receptionists' Award, 1982.

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