Influenza Vaccinations

Friday 15 May 2020

Being vaccinated where it is safe to do, even if you are at low risk from a bout of the flu, is an act of solidarity with your work colleagues, your family and everyone else in the community.

HSUWA supports policies that encourage members to be vaccinated against influenza, provided it is clinically safe for them to do so.  No employee should be refused employment solely because it is medically unsafe for them to be vaccinated against influenza.

With Government’s strongly promoting influenza vaccination, what are the rules?

Public Hospitals and Health Services recommend that all staff are vaccinated if it is safe to do so.

The Health Services provide free staff influenza vaccination. However, you are free to independently source your vaccination.

It is mandatory to provide details of whether you have been vaccinated to your employer.  It is not mandatory to be vaccinated.  The Health Service Staff Member Influenza Vaccination Program Policy may be accessed here.

Private Hospitals apply a similar policy approach to that of the Public Hospitals.

For Residential Aged Care, the rules are much stricter.  It is now mandatory for all visitors, including staff, to Residential Aged Care facilities to have been vaccinated for Influenza - provided a current vaccine is available to them.

As the vaccine cannot be made available to employees or others who are at serious medical risk from the vaccine. On advice of the WA Department of Health, if you are at serious medical risk you are exempt from the mandatory government policies.  Any claim will need to be supported by a medical certificate. This is the only exemption. There have been difficulties in interpreting the policies applying to Aged Care.

For Disability Services there is an NDIS Practice Alert, see here, This encourages vaccination but is not a service specific influenza vaccination policy. Employers have their own policies. 

If any member is facing difficulties in relation to vaccinations please contact the Union.

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