Introducing new HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae

Wednesday 03 Jul 2019

Incoming HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae, President Cheryl Hamill, Dan Hill


Dear Members and Supporters,

The Health Services Union of Western Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of our next Secretary, Naomi McCrae.

The selection process was exhaustive and thorough, I chaired the selection panel which comprised our Vice President Brendan McKernan (SCGH), Treasurer Dave Shaw (HSS), and Committee Member Suvi Bird (PathWest). Dan Hill was an advisor.  We interviewed three excellent applicants, all of whom made the grade. But Naomi was the stand out candidate and the unanimous choice of the selection panel.  We are so pleased that she has accepted our offer of employment to be the next HSUWA Secretary.

A bit about Naomi – she is a lawyer, and has been leading the United Voice industrial team, and also her in-house law firm which provides specialised workers’ compensation services.  Before United Voice, Naomi worked in a variety of roles for the Media Entertainment and Arts Union. One of her roles there was to manage programs at the Walkley Foundation – which runs the famous Walkley Awards for journalism.  She also worked for a large commercial law firm.

Naomi is set to leave her role as Director of Legal and Industrial at United Voice WA and plans to start with the HSUWA on 22 July.  This enables a short handover with Dan Hill who retires on 26 July.

It was great that Naomi was able to join us for lunch last week at our Joint Consultative Committee workshop at the Zoo where she got to meet a good cross section of public sector Reps and members.

I’m sure that as Naomi gets settled into her new job she will communicate directly with all members, I know that she is keen to be available to meet members at as many worksites as she can fit in.

This has been a challenging and ultimately very successful outcome for our Union. I know that the Committee and staff are looking forward to the future with our new Secretary, Naomi McCrae.

In Union,
Cheryl Hamill



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