Job Security: HUWA Members Made Permanent

Thursday 02 Dec 2021

55 HSUWA Members have recently been made permanent through the Job Security Review Process.

Congratulations to those Members and to all HSUWA Members for achieving the Review mechanism in our last Union Agreement.

Due to HSUWA pressure and an open matter in the WA Industrial Relations Commission, Health Service Providers (HSPs) across the Public Sector are currently required to report to us every 6 weeks regarding their Job Security Review progress.

Since the HSUWA took action in the WA Industrial Relations Commission, 107 (not including CI2) and 378 (including CI2) employees have been made permanent under HSUWA coverage.

Our latest reporting period uncovered that whilst Members were converted to permanent employment, Public HSPs continue to employ staff on an insecure basis. Only 10% of new jobs were permanent in October. 

The percentage of staff currently with insecure employment for each HSP is below, with WA Country Health Service (WACHS) being the worst offender, followed by PathWest and North Metro Health Service (NMHS). 

Health Service Provider Percentage of Staff in Insecure Employment
PathWest 39%
NMHS 35%
EMHS 32%
HSS 29%
SMHS 26%
CAHS 23%


“With widespread issues of attraction and retention across the health workforce, it employers to provide permanent employment opportunities for health care workers as a viable solution,” said Naomi McCrae, Secretary of the HSUWA. 

“It is extremely disappointing to note, after years of effort and with measures in place to place pressure on employers offer workers secure employment, the employers continue to overwhelmingly appoint people on short-term contracts or on a casual basis. We see targets as the only thing that will really drive change.” McCrae concluded.

HSUWA will be running another round of advocacy for Members who may be eligible for permanent employment in 2022. If someone you know may be eligible for review, encourage them to become a HSUWA Member today.

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