JourneyCover a real asset for HSUWA members

Thursday 06 Sep 2018

Miriam Bosveld was on the way to work at Royal Perth Hospital one morning when she suddenly fainted at the train station. Her accident required extensive surgeries to repair the damage to her cheek and jaw, and may require a number of subsequent dental restorations.

Imagine Miriam’s concern when she discovered that her employer, East Metro Health Service, did not insure her against such an accident because it had happened during her commute.

A single moment that happened in a blink of an eye could have resulted in a period of lost income while Miriam was unable to work if she had used up all her paid personal sick leave.

It could happen to any of us.

Fortunately for HSUWA members, JourneyCover is an included member benefit for all financial members. If an HSUWA member is involved in an accident travelling to or from work, they are able to make a claim for income support.

The benefit payable for loss of income is 80% of the insured persons ordinary time earnings plus shift allowance to a maximum of $1,500 per week; whichever is the lesser. The benefit period is up to a maximum of 104 weeks.

When HSUWA member Rosalie Miles had an accident last year during her bike ride to work at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, breaking her thumb, it could have been a similarly expensive experience.

But Rosalie was able to use her JourneyCover provided through her HSUWA membership to access income insurance for four weeks ($6,000 plus $50 for a broken bone), on top of her paid sick leave from her employer.

While Miriam was unfortunately not an HSUWA member when she had her accident, she has subsequently joined to become a member and get the benefits.

If the unthinkable should happen again, Miriam knows she can depend on her HSUWA JourneyCover to support her.


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