June Recruit a Member prize winner

Wednesday 19 Jul 2017

Annette Van Dyk is the winner of the of the “Recruit a Member” for June and now has $250 to spend.    

Working as a Pathology Collector with Clinipath Pathology Annette enjoys working with patients. Like many Pathology Collectors, Annette has a valuable skill set which enables her to work closely with a wide range of people including the infirmed, disabled, and aged. Empathy with patients, combined with the technical and practical skills a good phlebotomist brings to the job ensures that patients are in good hands. The salary rates currently paid to Pathology Collectors don’t reflect their worth and definitely need to be increased as the work they perform is an integral part of our medical process and they should be rewarded accordingly.

Congratulations Annette! Keep up the good work!

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