Launch of The Public Good Campaign

Friday 29 May 2020

Yesterday HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae stood with UnionsWA and public sector unions to launch The Public Good campaign.

The Public Good campaign is about highlighting the importance of public sector workers and pledging to respect them with secure jobs, fair wages, and appropriate funding for our public services.

Public sector health workers have supported all of us through this continuing crisis. It’s important that this builds into better policy decisions and employment practices that improve the work life of our members.

There were already real challenges facing our members before the pandemic that have been brought into focus by the crisis. This is especially the case when it comes to how many people are still in casual and fixed term positions.

This week HSUWA further called for an end to the over-reliance across WA Health on insecure jobs for the sector to fully operate and for a demonstrated commitment to secure jobs in Health. Fore more see here and our Facebook page here.

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