Member gets permanency after 13 years of rolling contracts

Wednesday 05 May 2021

After 13 years of employment at a major Perth hospital, Rebecca has finally achieved permanency in her job. 

Getting permanency can be a life-altering moment; just ask our member, Rebecca.

Back in 2008, Rebecca accepted a 0.3 part-time contract job as a Clinical Dietitian at a major Perth hospital on a fixed-term contract. She joined the union after her concerns grew about rolling contracts and upcoming changes to her work area.

Unfortunately, after 12 years of rolling contracts, she missed out under the public sector-wide CI-23 'Conversion to Permanency' process that commenced in 2018. However, the HSUWA fought to include a new Job Security Process in the Union Agreement 2020 to ensure the review of insecure jobs in WA Health was ongoing.

Recently, Rebecca's manager brought her into a meeting.

“Last month I arrived at work, and my boss said, “did you get my email?"

She had not seen the email as she hadn't logged into her email account yet. 

“He said it doesn’t matter, but can I have a quick chat with you?"

Rebecca’s mind was reeling with possibilities on what this meeting would be about.

“My heart jumped into my throat with fear thinking I’d done something wrong or was about to receive bad news.”

Instead, Rebecca was ecstatic at the news. 

“By some miracle, I was offered 0.3FTE permanency without having to go through the torture and stress and disappointment of an interview!

“This is beyond fantastic as I love working and have had a very distressing year worrying about job security. 

“I am still in shock and so happy!”

Each of the Health Service Providers (HSP) has to undertake Job Security Reviews of eligible employees within certain timeframes and HSUWA is following up with each HSP to find out whether they have met the requirements of the process set out under the Union Agreement 2020. Members who appear to be eligible for the Job Security Review will be contacted by the union and will have their names put forward to their Health Service Provider for priority assessment.

If you know of any potential members who are insecurely employed and are seeking to have their job converted to a permanent position, ask them to join the union.

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