Member Win for PCH Security Officers and Patient Safety

Thursday 09 Sep 2021

Persistent Security Officers have won additional staff and safer working conditions, after safety concerns were raised at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH).

Prior to this HSUWA members win, three Security Officers were rostered at PCH, with at least one Security Officer regularly assigned to ward sits (patient observation). This was leaving the security team short-staffed, with only two available Officers to attend violent incidents, putting both the Officers and other staff and patients at risk.

In a textbook act of union solidarity, the Security Officers at PCH reached out to the HSUWA, who lodged a formal dispute with the direct employer, North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS).

Sinsa Rodic, Union Representative said, “PCH Security Officers, who are all HSUWA members were prepared to take industrial action if their concerns regarding safety and lack of staff were not taken seriously”

After approximately five months, the NMHS announced that there was to be three Security Officers dedicated to providing floor duties with an additional four FTE Officers to be recruited and trained. The additional FTE would be committed to increase manning and ensure four Security Officers were rostered on a 24/7 basis.

Rodic explained, “Strength in numbers, common goal and a support from HSUWA were the main reasons why the members at the PCH Security Department achieved this incredible result.” 

HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae said, “The persistence of these members, coupled with their willingness to take action to affect meaningful change in their workplace is a true testament to their dedication to the WA community.”

She continued, “It really demonstrates that when members work together we can change things for the better. I congratulate these members on this important win!”


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