Members urged to check their Personal Leave deductions

Monday 27 May 2013

If you're a WA Health employee and you've recently taken personal leave, you may need to check your payslip to make sure it's been deducted correctly.

One of our members recently picked up an anomaly in the system that may have also affected others taking personal leave.

Every WA Health employee is entitled to 114 hours of personal leave each year. Of that, 98.8 hours can be accumulated and used at a time when you need it most.

That leaves 15.2 hours of non-cumulative personal leave, which disappears if you don't use it.

In accordance with the EBA, HCN should then debit your non-cumulative leave first if you need to take personal leave.

However, one of the union's reps found that this was not the case and his personal leave was instead deducted from his accumulated leave.

At this stage it is unclear if this is a simple clerical error affecting just this one member, or whether it is larger issue. Based on some initial random sampling it would appear that this may not be an isolated case.

If you've taken personal leave recently, please check your payslip and alert HCN if you detect any mistakes.  Please let the union office know as well so that we can follow up the issue with HCN.



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