New EBA for Western Diagnostic Pathology and Vetpath Health Services Employees

Monday 30 May 2016

For the past 15 months the Union has been negotiating with Western Diagnostic Pathology (WDP) for a new Enterprise Agreement to replace the existing Agreement that nominally expired in March 2015. Negotiations in the main have been conducted with the WDP Chief Executive Officer, Ian McPhan. These have been protracted and for the most part extremely frustrating.

WDP has continually expounded the view that rates of pay should be not be any more than the minimum rates in the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 and that there should be no wage increases until such time as the current Enterprise Agreement rates match those in the Award.

Our negotiations have moved them from that position with the following being proposed:

Wage Increases

  • A minimum 1% increase effective from the first pay period on or after acceptance by a 
“positive vote” of employees,
  • A further 1.25%, effective 12 months from the acceptance of a “positive vote” (May 2017),
  • A final 1.5%, effective 24 months from the acceptance of a “positive vote” (May 2018),
  • Rates will be adjusted if at any time they fall below the respective rate in the Health 
Professionals and Support Service Award 2010. 

Conditions of Employment

All provisions in the current EBA will continue subject to the following changes.

  • Consultation procedures when changing regular rosters or hours of work,
  • Higher Duties paid after 10 days,
  • Motor Vehicle Allowance increased to 78 cents per km,
  • Meal Allowance increased to $11.73,
  • Maximum of 26 weeks redundancy.

Term of Agreement

  • Three years from approval by the Fair Work Commission.

WDP management have made the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement document available for all staff to review. A ballot of all staff covered by the Agreement will then be conducted by WDP. Should the ballot be successful, the Enterprise Agreement will then be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for their approval and registration.

There are a number of changes from the current Enterprise Agreement, so members are strongly advised to thoroughly review the new Enterprise Agreement prior to voting.

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