New Employers, Old Jobs

Wednesday 06 Jul 2016

The Health Services Act 2016 passed into effect on 1st July 2016. What does this mean for you?

The simplest take on it that in the ‘old world’ you were employed by the Minister / Director General of Health. In the ‘new world’ you are employed by a Health Service Board or a statutory authority.

The new Health Services are East, North, South, Child and Adolescent, and Country (WACHS). Health Support Services is now a statutory authority. There are also about 200 HSUWA covered employees working at the Department.

HSS excepted, each of the new services have a Board and Chief Executives have been appointed. You may have noticed they have also been filling a good number of the other senior leadership jobs. (HSS simply has a Chief Executive.)

Every employee should have received a letter from HSS telling you your new employer. For a number you will receive more than one letter if you are employed by more than one Board.

There are no changes to your salary or conditions of employment. Your employment status is otherwise unchanged by these changes.

The Health Services Act brings a whole bunch of clauses from the Public Sector Management Act to do with discipline and employment arrangements and adds some of its own. There will be a learning curve for all sides in how this Act will impact on staff as time goes by. The good news is that the transfer of your conditions to the new statutory bodies is guaranteed and protected by the new Act.

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