Pandemic Leave

Friday 10 Jul 2020

The HSU nationally has been busy advocating in the Fair Work Commission over the past two weeks. A hearing was held on 25-26 June before five members of the Fair Work Commission to consider our claim for paid pandemic leave for health, aged care and social and community support workers. The claim is to vary the modern awards applying to these sectors to provide the entitlement to workers. Employer groups are strongly opposing the application.

We argued that these workers needed paid leave when required to quarantine, self-isolate or when they contracted COVID-19. A transcript of the paid pandemic leave hearing is available here.

The ACTU is running a campaign calling on the Morrison Government to give all working people support to isolate and stay at home if they need to. Those who quarantine are protecting all us, we need to protect them.

Click here to support our call for fully paid pandemic leave for all workers.


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