Permanency comes to Armadale

Friday 20 Jul 2018

A long fought battle by Armadale HSUWA reps and members has succeeded in turning around the employment security for members working in Patient Information.

The union had raised the issue of the over-use of fixed term contracts as probably the biggest issue for members, particularly in clerical positions. Based on that information the union rolled out member information sessions, often to packed rooms (Armadale members have always been very active), on the steps we needed to take to secure permanency of employment.

A number of members pursued individual claims with the help of the union and while most were successful, it was time consuming and wasn’t making the big change really needed.

An all member meeting was held to discuss morale at the hospital. The meeting was held in a packed out room and again one of the main issues raised was insecure employment.  Job insecurity affects morale. The union brought this to executive and relevant managers.

Alongside this, East Metro Health had imposed an arbitrary cap on the percentage of permanent employees at 65% for non clinical employees and 75% for clinical which was preventing the hospitals making permanent appointments. The union wrote a series of letters to East Metro arguing that the cap was resulting in breaching the enterprise agreement. The cap was eventually lifted.

Following on from this , clerical pools were advertised and we have been advised that over 80% of clerks at Armadale are now permanent and once the last pools are finalised it will be close to 90% permanent.

Congratulations to every member who has been made permanent , and to our Reps Julie Jenaway, Beryl Fitzpatrick, and Lyn Anderson for their resolve and determination in making their workplace better.

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