Physiotherapy Update : Local Physios join in International COVID-19 Response

Tuesday 31 Mar 2020

An international team of Physiotherapists has published a document titled Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting: Recommendations to guide clinical practice1. A pre-publication copy is available below:

HSUWA member and FSH Senior Physiotherapist, ICU, Lisa van der Lee was part of the team that has produced this extremely important document that is being adopted in acute health services around the world.

Lisa is a PhD candidate (thesis awaiting assessment) under the supervision of Associate Professor Shane Patman, University of Notre Dame Australia. Shane is a previous HSUWA member whilst working at RPH and was also part of the international team.

The document outlines recommendations for physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting. It includes recommendations for physiotherapy workforce planning and preparation, a screening tool for determining requirement of physiotherapy, recommendations for the selection of physiotherapy treatments and personal protective equipment. It is intended for use by physiotherapists and other relevant stakeholders in the acute care setting caring for adult patients with suspected and/or confirmed COVID-19. 

The union congratulates Lisa on her role in producing this important document that will guide the safe provision of physiotherapy services to COVID-19 patients.

1 Thomas P, Baldwin C, Bissett B, Boden I, Gosselink R, Granger CL, Hodgson C, Jones AY, Kho ME, Moses R, Ntoumenopoulos G, Parry SM, Patman S, van der Lee L, Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting: clinical practice recommendations, Journal of Physiotherapy (2020), doi:

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