Post Election Members Survey Responses call for more staff and resources

Wednesday 17 May 2017

The union’s recent survey asked members what they thought about working for WA Health and how it might be improved.  Over 640 members responded to the survey, from across the State and each of the health services.

Responses from the survey have provided an overview of how members feel about the current state of public health system. Members feedback indicates that recent changes in the health system have compromised patient care, that waitlists have become worse and, and nearly 80% of members reported an increased workload, with almost half of that number reporting the increase in workload to be significant. Click here for an overview of the key findings of the survey.

Further, the top three workplace issues for members are security of employment, reasonable workloads, and salary and benefits.  These results reflect conversations we have had with members over the past few months, people are feeling squeezed and anxious about the future.

The purpose of the survey was to inform the union in its discussions with the new Health Minister and State Government. The Minister for Health has said that they will conduct a ‘Sustainable Health Review’ (SHR), the terms of which are yet to be released.  The clear view of members is that Health cannot be sustainable without adequate resources and staffing.

The survey includes over 1,700 comments and suggestions about how Health could be improved.  These responses are being reviewed and summarised and will be provided to the Minister for Health, Roger Cook, and/or inform the SHR and other inquiries before the September budget.

Thank you to all of the members who participated in the survey.  There will be further opportunities to have input into the various reviews and inquiries leading up to the State Budget in September.

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