Process for Fiona Stanley staffing causing widespread frustration and concern

Thursday 16 Jan 2014

The transition of workers to the new Fiona Stanley hospital is continuing to cause problems for members, who are frustrated at the lack of information being provided.

RPH (Wellington St Campus) and Fremantle Hospital

The Health Department is well down the path now of seeking input from clinical staff working at Royal Perth and Fremantle Hospitals on their preferred work location, after the commissioning of Fiona Stanley.  Unfortunately many of our members are frustrated and confused about their options and feel pressured to make decisions about their futures with little information. 

The transition process involved the completion of a Preference Registration Form, or PRF.  All clinical staff at RPH and Fremantle should now have completed their forms and, if they indicated an interest to work at Fiona Stanley, received a response.  Many staff received a letter indicating that there is a position available for them at Fiona Stanley Hospital but the letters are frustratingly short on detail. 

It seems that the Department of Health believes staff can make a decision about transferring to Fiona Stanley without knowing what hours they'll be working, who they'll be reporting to or even what they'll be doing!

The HSUWA is continuing with formal consultation with the Department of Health regarding a range of matters related to Fiona Stanley commissioning.  It is our view that expecting people to make significant decisions about their future in the absence of key information is unacceptable. 

RPH (Shenton Park Campus)

The Department of Health's HR Transition Unit has recently changed the systems in which PRF's completed by Shenton Park staff are stored.  It seems that some of our members may have been told that the PRF's had been discarded and everyone was transferring to Wellington Street Campus.  This is not the case.  The information contained on your PRF is still valid.  If you have questions about the forms or wish to change your preference, you can still do so by emailing the HR Transition Unit.  

If you are concerned about any aspect of the Fiona Stanley commissioning, would like further information, have questions or need HSUWA advice or support during this time, please contact us.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates.  

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