Public hospitals and health EBA campaign moves to arbitration

Wednesday 08 Oct 2014

The HSUWA has been working with the Health Industrial Relations Service to develop the new enterprise agreement.

The document will reflect the changes that occurred in relevant laws and Public Sector & Health Department Policies during the life of the previous agreement. It has also been reviewed to improve its readability.

Such changes required lengthy discussions to ensure there will not be any adverse changes to your benefits or conditions under which you work.

Once the agreement is registered, the union and the Department of Health will meet to discuss the scheduling of the arbitration about the salary increases.

We've fielded many questions from members about how long this process will take and the likely outcomes. The answer is: we simply don't know.

HSUWA members are the only public sector workers who challenged the Government Wage Policy cap by taking industrial action.

Members told us - loudly and clearly - that they regarded a fair wage outcome as one that would see them treated the same way as their colleagues in other occupations in health.

We tried every pathway we could to negotiate that outcome, we tried to campaign for that outcome and the State Government refused to discuss the matter.

The end result of the work bans applied by members across the state and the strikes at RPH and SCGH is arbitration before the WA Industrial Relations Commission.

This is our day in court, and we think our case is strong - there is good productivity, economic and wage relativity evidence to support it.

We'll continue to keep members updated as the matter progresses.

You can, of course, direct any questions to the or contact the office.

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