Public Sector Agreement Update – 24 July 2020

Friday 24 Jul 2020

As reported previously, your Union received an incomplete offer from WA Health for a new Agreement 2020-2022. It did not include any wording or process relating to the conversion of fixed term contract employees or casuals to permanent employment.

As the State Government’s Public Sector Commissioners Instruction No. 23 (CI-23) process winds down, it is vital that we have a replacement process built into our Agreement. There continues to be an over-reliance across WA Health on these insecure jobs.

Your union’s Committee of Management met last week and supported the determination to get a complete offer before progressing further.

We remain in close and regular contact with WA Health and the relevant government agencies as well as Ministers and their offices. All continue to confirm that this delay will not affect the pay increases which will be back paid to 1 July 2020, subject to members accepting the offer via a ballot.

The delay is frustrating but necessary as we need the tools to try and improve job security across the system. In the claim we are trying to break new ground and provide better rights for members in fixed term and casual employment and to reduce the use of both.  The Public Sector wide implications of this claim means there is a more intense focus from different government agencies and associated Ministers.

When we have a final complete offer and the Committee of Management have determined a position on it, we will organise member meetings and a ballot.

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