Public Sector EBA 2014 – what should we claim?

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

The current Agreement expires on 30th June 2014.  There are NO automatic pay increases; future pay increases have to be negotiated. 

The union will write to the Department of Health advising that we want to start negotiations in the new year.  With the end of year, school holidays etc, the likely starting point for meeting with the Department will be early February 2014. 

Before that the union will organise a meeting of Workplace Reps to consider and develop a draft log of claims.  Meetings at metro locations will follow in February to discuss and endorse the draft Log of Claims, that is, the list of the pay and conditions changes that members want.  Where possible there will also be tele and video conferences for country members.

Those claims will then be served on the Department by the end of February, and then negotiations will start.

Your input and feedback is crucial to the claims that are made.


Nurses received a 14% pay increase while Prison Officers achieved 12.5%.  Should we say "Us too!"?  The Government's bargaining position is they want to try and limit pay increases to inflation only. 


Can include a range of matters for example, but not limited to conditions such as annual and long service leave, sick leave, hours of work, flexibility of working hours, shift penalties, other shift and on-call issues.

If you would like to discuss any ideas or have a meeting in your workplace, please call Carla or Vicki on 9328 5155.

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