Quick Win for a Member – Sharing Tips!

Friday 09 Oct 2020

A member approached the union this week with concerns about paperwork they were being asked to sign by their employer. The paperwork contained information that was factually incorrect, yet management was pressuring them to sign the document that day, giving vague assurances about the incorrect information.

We assisted the member to respond via email. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, and management threatened to ‘refer the matter to HR’. We were able to quickly intervene, and the paperwork was ‘withdrawn’ that day, to the great relief of the member.   

There are key lessons in this story for all members:

  • Carefully check any documentation you are asked to sign and ensure it is correct and complete
  • Ask questions to ensure you fully understand what you are signing
  • Put your questions, concerns and any other relevant information in writing back to the person who is asking you to sign (feel free to copy the union on your email)
  • If your employer is proposing a change or providing information verbally, confirm your understanding of the change or information back to them in an email
  • If you feel pressured or threatened, advise your employer that you need to seek advice and call the union
  • There is rarely, if ever, a document that you need to sign on the spot. Request time to consider the document at least overnight.

Our member knew it was important to seek advice and fortunately, this issue was resolved in the space of just a few hours.  This approach avoided any further confusion the distribution of the document because it was dealt with quickly.

If in doubt, call the union office.

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