Reps key to success

Thursday 21 Aug 2014

Recent research from the ACTU shows that workers with active Workplace Representatives (Reps) are far more likely to get positive outcomes on issues that matter to them than workers without Reps.

The research also found that Reps are one of the most critical factors in the success or failure of union campaigns and initiatives.

As we reflect on the recent industrial action at RPH and SCGH it is clear that the research was on the money. Those workers with active Reps had high turnouts at EBA meetings, which then drove the level of work ban activity implemented.

Groups with active representatives embraced the campaign whole-heartedly, came up with creative ways to implement bans, and did so with determination.

Active Reps had their groups turn out and commit to taking strike action. It also held true that those groups without representation were more likely to feel less informed and engaged with the campaign and significantly less likely to take action.

The union will grow stronger by having effective Reps, which will translate to better outcomes for members. But to grow stronger we need to build a bigger network of trained, committed Reps who will organise their workplaces to build the power of the union for members.

What you can do to help

  • If you have an exceptional Rep in your area, thank them for all they do and consider nominating them for the HSUWA's Representative of the Year Award
  • Offer to help your Rep - you can do this informally; or
  • Nominate to become a Workplace Representative - either in addition to your existing Rep or filling a gap

The HSUWA Representative of the Year will be announced at our Annual General Meeting in December. The winner will receive $500 and a certificate of recognition.

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