Review of State Wages Policy

Friday 22 Oct 2021

Today the HSUWA delivered a written submission to Minister Stephen Dawson and Premier Mark McGowan, about a new State Wages Policy. 

The submission was formulated by gathering member stories, data and case studies, and reinforces our members’ powerful verbal submissions from earlier in October. We emphasise how the $1,000 State Wages Policy Cap has negatively impacted our members and, in turn, the WA public Health System.

After the written submission, a final meeting on Monday will mark the end of official action requested by the State Government for the Review. HSUWA has submitted that the State Government should consider a new approach to setting a wages, advocating for a floor (not a cap) of at least 4% in line with our partner unions in the Public Sector Alliance

To protect the privacy of our members, the full submission will not be publicly available, however a summary of key recommendations made by the HSUWA is downloadable here.

For more information regarding the State Wages Policy Review and the Campaign for the 2022 Union Agreement, visit our campaigns page.


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