RPH clerks facing merit selection

Tuesday 11 Nov 2014

As with Fremantle Hospital, the changes for clerical members are now starting to be realised at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH).

Members at RPH have already dealt with the closure of Shenton Park Hospital, and now face the reduction in staffing levels required for the opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH).

As a result of FSH opening, RPH at Wellington Street will shrink by about 200 beds and lose about 40% of its staff.

Fortunately, with most clerical services at FSH remaining within WA Health, the overall outlook for clerical and administrative positions is quite positive, though this may be small comfort to a member facing a merit selection process at RPH.

The union met with RPH management last week and were told that all Level G-3 admin staff should be able to secure positions, and they expect there will be between five and ten positions available, which will be advertised. While there are more positions at Level 3 than people, there will still be some merit selection processes as the distribution of staff is uneven.

There is likely to be a small surplus of staff at Level G-2. There are a variety of factors which may impact that outcome - such as the need to fill between five and ten Level G-3 positions, or people retiring or choosing to move to FSH or other sites.

For Level 2s, there will be different merit selection processes depending on your job and department. For members in HRMS you will have to complete three assessment questions; secretaries will have to complete a typing test. There will also be other practical tests.

It aims to be a quick process to allocate Level G-2 staff to the available positions, with results known by early to mid December 2014.

RPH confirmed that there will not be any voluntary severance packages on offer and that all permanent employees will be allocated to positions.

If you are experiencing any problems with the changes please contact Paul Ledingham at union@hsuwa.com.au

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