RPH Emergency Department Clerks Hold Fast

Friday 17 Nov 2017

After negotiations failed to resolve long-standing staffing and more recent rostering issues within the RPH ED Clerical area members came together and resolved to take to take industrial action.

Prior to this action the Union had been discussing a lack of clerical staffing at nights and the constant delays in signing off on contracts for permanent hours that staff had been working extended periods of time.

Although Management agreed that activity levels had not decreased as expected when the FTE was reduced when FSH opened in 2014, their main response has been to claim they needed to review the whole roster before they would implement adequate staffing levels.  That was months ago.

Members decided to take actions which don’t endanger patient or staff safety in any way such as not collecting signatures or asking / entering private health insurance details.

Members achieved their main goals:

  • The proposed changes to the day roster are no longer under consideration
  • There is FTE allocated for the night medical records clerk and staff are beginning to be allocated to the shift
  • The night medical records clerk is currently based in the ED (not in Medical Records)
  • Those seeking an increase in their permanent hours have received interim contracts for the extension with a commitment to submit a business case for permanent hours. We are exploring other options to progress this further.

The 1700 shift for Tues, Wed and Thurs is the main outstanding issue for the moment and we will continue to work to progress this.

Well done everyone!

 HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill with RPH ED Workplace Rep Margaret Greenwell

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