Securing Employment - Updated 21 November 2018

Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

The union continues to meet with the employers to progress the agreed Commissioner’s Instruction 23 to convert eligible fixed term contract and casual employees to permanent.

We have had exchanges of letters with most the employers regarding exchanging information and privacy which is the first step. 

Some of the employers have held or announced plans to hold the initial employee information sessions.  These provide a useful overview of the process that is being followed.  At our last meeting most of the employers committed to holding these information sessions before Christmas.

What some of the employers tell us is that they are poring over their employee records and starting to talk to your managers about your employment history so they can assess employee’s eligibility for permanence.

We understand that a couple of the employers are reasonably confident about the employee data they hold and are close to being ready to start the process.

The union will receive lists form the employers of all employees being reviewed and at around the same time each employee employed on a fixed term or casual contract will receive a letter advising them of the review and the process that will be followed.

At the time the each employer sends out their letters to employees whose positons they propose to review, HSUWA will send an email to all members employed by that employer to ensure that anyone who did not receive a letter but believe they should have will have the opportunity to apply to be included in the review.

For all the currently available information see here and our information sheet.

We have discussed with the employers the issues of any sudden or unexpected adverse change to the current fixed term or casual arrangements for employees.  If this issue affects you seek advice.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the union office.

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