State Government Announces New State Wages Policy

Thursday 16 Dec 2021

Today the State Government announced a new State Wages Policy 

The advocacy and great efforts of Union Members saw the State Government recently abandon its planned continuation (for a further two years) of the restrictive $1,000 per year wages cap. The Economic Review process that followed has led to today’s announcement.

We understand the State Government seeks to apply the following policy to public sector workers – in the next round of bargaining:

  • 2.5% per annum pay increase


  • A one-off payment of $1,000 (pro rata)

  • A further 0.25% per annum pay increase in exchange for “negotiated productivity improvements”.

Members should be proud to have achieved this strong step in the right direction. It falls short of what our members have asked for – based on sound reasoning and what we think is needed to sustain our public health workforce.

We have time to better understand the details and impact of this policy position and consider our options as we head into bargaining for our replacement HSUWA Agreement next year. 

For more information on the campaign and the Economic Review process click here.

You can read the announcement within the State Government Media Statement.

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