Sustainable Health Review

Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

Members will be aware that the State Government has launched the Sustainable Health Review.

In announcing the Review the Minster for Health, Roger Cook said:

"What we have seen over the last decade is a significant growth in WA's health budget, to the point where it now consumes almost 30 per cent of the total public spend from the state's finances." 

"This isn't about budget-cutting exercises, but this is about making our health system much more efficient, making sure we look more like other states in terms of the overall costs.”

"It's also about making sure we have a clear vision about how we can continue to provide world-class healthcare for Western Australians but at an affordable price."

The Premier, Mark McGowan said that the review would allow people at the coalface of health services to provide advice on expenditure.

"I reckon most people in health have ideas on where you could save money and they're looking for the opportunity to put their feedback in," he said.

Further details on the review and how you can get involved can be found on the Review website.

The Review website says "Your input into the Sustainable Health Review matters. The Panel is seeking input from patients and carers, clinicians, front-line staff, and community representatives." 

Membership of the Clinical Reference Group and the Consumer & Carer Reference Group are being finalised. In addition, the review will be calling for public submissions and holding community forums across the State. The Union believes that ALL health employees must be given the opportunity to have their say and appropriate all staff forums should also be established.

As with the Service Priority Review we will also be looking for member input to any submissions that the Union makes to the Review. Similarly, members can also contribute to the Red Tape Review.

Members have made it clear in our survey that the key to a sustainable health system is adequate resources and staffing. The Sustainable Health Review is now your opportunity to reinforce that message and to have your say on what needs to change in Health.

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