Take the Pain Away for Anaesthetic Technicians

Friday 08 Oct 2021

Sandra is a HSUWA Member working as an Anaesthetic Technician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. She is an essential health worker who will help to take your pain away during surgery.

An Anaesthetic Technician is an assistant to the patient and Anaesthetic Doctor to ensure patients go to sleep, stay asleep, remain pain free during surgery and wake up safely after surgery. They help provide safe anaesthesia to anyone undergoing surgery, which could range from fracture repairs to liver transplants.

Anaesthetic Technicians also prepare and maintain anaesthetic equipment for operating theatres and clinics, ensuring they are safe to use and ready for surgery.

Their role is deemed essential for procedures requiring anaesthesia to be administered at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

However, Sandra explained that it is not yet deemed essential for these dedicated health professionals to receive the same penalty rates as the doctors and nurses with whom they work hand in hand.

“A doctor or a nurse is just as tired as us at two in the morning,” explained Sandra.

The Anaesthetic Technicians staff the 14 theatres and 7 outside areas at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and, as the patients don’t stop, the work never does!

“We deserve recognition of our education and experience, and our sheer, bloody hard work, by being given a wage that we can live on. We need a wage rise and recognition of our role in caring for Western Australians."

HSUWA Members recently presented their experiences to representatives of the State Government of Western Australia, in a newly Economic Review process around the State Wages Policy.

HSUWA Members are advocating for a well-deserved pay rise for WA Health Workers, and to make up for over four years of stagnant wages for Anaesthetic Technicians and other workers across the sector.

For more information or to join the campaign, click here.

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