The HSUWA visits Albany

Friday 22 Nov 2013

Union Organiser Vicky McKay has been visiting members down in Albany.

While she was there, she also met with management at Albany Hospital to talk about hiring practices. They assured Vicky that the hospital was changing its procedures, which had resulted in excessive use of fixed term and casual contracts. They also said they would be hiring new staff in accordance with established procedures. Vicky was also advised there would be additional training provided to staff, after reports of bullying in the workplace.

Vicky was also warned that the hospital is in the process of trying to get staff to use their excess leave; this follows the direction from WA Health earlier in November. Our members are advised to speak to HR about their individual circumstances. If you are having any problems in this area, you're encouraged to contact us to find out what your rights are.

Vicky sent a memo to all members explaining some of their rights and responsibilities, which include:

  • Flexi / time in lieu - There seems to have been an issue regarding the rules for the accrual of additional hours, whether that is flexi time or time in lieu. Hours arrangements are by agreement between the employee and employer, and generally accruing extra time should follow appropriate consultation or a reasonable direction from management
  • If members are directed to attend a meeting with management and are unsure why or if you feel you need to have support, you can take a union Rep. They can help you by taking notes, they may if you wish speak on your behalf or even stop the meeting to get further advice from the union.

Another issue which Vicky raised was that there are not enough Delegates in each area. This person can also be an OH&S Representative. These are very important roles to help make YOUR work life safer & more balanced. Becoming a Delegate doesn't take a lot of extra time, it may involve attending a meeting with co worker or booking a meeting room for when the union visits or just keeping the union properly informed.

Vicky will continue her trips to visit members around the state to hear their concerns and assist them in any way she can.

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