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Friday 27 Sep 2019

Things to talk about When negotiating your current EBA in 2018 there were specific items that the parties (your employer and your union) agreed were unresolved and could be better resolved at the individual HSP level.

It was agreed in principle that: “effective communication and consultation is required to improve operational performance and the working environment.” To that end we agreed to establish a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) at the HSP level.

A JCC provides a forum for local union representatives to meet with health service senior management to consult on a wide range of issues in your workplaces to work towards resolution. Members need to feel safe when raising issues at work and we recognised there are a number of issues which needed to be worked out at a more local level. Each HSP is a bit different so it makes sense to talk at the HSP level. This process will also lead us into EBA 2020 negotiations.

In the EBA at clause 8 we agreed the following matters would form a standing agenda for the JCCs:

(a) workload management;

(b) industrial issues;

(c) fixed term contract employment including the circumstances for fixed term appointments, casual employment and agency usage;

(d) changes to work organisation and/or work practices;

(e) improving occupational safety and health;

(f ) flexible work practices;

(g) performance appraisals, staff development and professional learning; and

(h) any other matters as agreed between the Employer and HSUWA.

We have a number of Workplace Representatives who have volunteered to represent members on the proposed JCC. The union has provided a training opportunity to these representatives and will offer ongoing support to facilitate the JCC process.

How each JCC runs will be determined by an agreed Terms of Reference with the HSP. This will outline for example how often meetings are held, how information is shared, and how actions are reported. The union aims to meet at least quarterly and we intend to facilitate the administration required to support the work of the JCC for the Workplace Representatives. We expect there will be emails, surveys and meetings to communicate items and issues amongst members at the particular HSP between the JCC meetings.

We will be writing to each HSP in the next few weeks to call for the first JCC meetings. We expect the first meeting to be held in November.

If you would like to know who your Workplace Reps are or complete your survey please contact the union office.

More updates will follow.

Note: A similar process for WACHS members should commence soon.

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