Treasurer's Report - 2017 AGM

Friday 12 Jan 2018

Copies of the complete financial statements audited by Anderson Munro & Wyllie, can be found at here.  Any member who does not have access to email or the internet can request a copy of the statements be sent to them.

If members have any questions or comments about the financial statements please contact Dan Hill at the HSUWA office.

The HSUWA reported a small operating loss for the year, membership growth was modestly positive at 0.85% but fee income dipped slightly due to a change in the mix of members. Costs have been well controlled, albeit wages costs were higher because of hiring an extra Organiser to help build the Private Sector, the extra fortnightly pay, and some payouts to staff for Long Service Leave. The auditors approved the financial statements without qualification.

Membership benefits still include $20 million of Indemnity Insurance, Journey Cover, the $5,000 Bereavement Benefit, a free will from Slater and Gordon, and access to discounts through Shoprite. The CPD benefit was discontinued due to lack of take up by members.

The AGM supported a 1.5% adjustment to the membership subscriptions from 1 January 2018 which reflects the pay increases most members have received.  The following are the revised fortnightly subscriptions:

Ordinary Annual Salary

Fortnightly Subscriptions
Under $46,000 $14.11
$46,001 to $62,000 $20.69
$62,001 to $100,000 $26.10
$100,001 and above $33.53


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