Union AGM 2020

Friday 18 Dec 2020

The HSUWA Annual General Meeting was held last week to review the work of 2020. We held the event at the union office having recently created a more useable courtyard in the outdoor area behind the building and refreshed our downstairs training rooms.

Below is a summary of the event.

We celebrated members:

Congratulations to our 25 Year members:

Christine Atkinson, Nicola Fortescue, Karen Gall, Derek Grubb, Jodie Heath, Peta Lithgo, Angelo Margaritis, Beverley Martin, Catherine McMaster, Gary Nielsen, Gail Nesci, Sylvia Pellicano Patricia Robustellini, Kay Smith, Louisa Thomas, David Williams, Elizabeth Wright, Renae Wyatt.

Congratulations to our 35 Year members:

Michael Cain, Heather Dare, Grace Gilmore, Cheryl Hamill, Hazel Kitney, Joan Lorkiewicz, Catherine Marion, Julie McCracken, Alan Morling, Peter Muir, Marcia Powell, Marie Russo, Maria Sgro and Matthew Sheminant.

Congratulations to:

HSUWA Honorary Life Member, Dave Shaw; HSU National Life Member, Chis Panizza; former Committee Member and National Councillor of many years, John Shehade; former Committee Member, Chris Goodsell.

We completed union business:

Membership Subscriptions 2021

The AGM voted on membership subscriptions for 2021.

Membership subscriptions have been at the same rate for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. The AGM endorsed a modest 1% increase for 2021. Subscriptions adjusted with effect from the 1 January 2021 in accordance with the following table:

Public Sector
Salary Band

Ordinary Annual Salary at
1 January 2021

Subscriptions 2021

Subscriptions 2020

Level G-1/2 20yrs and under Under $49,000 $14.25 $14.11
Level G-1/2 21yrs toLevel G2 $49,001 to $65,000 $20.90 $20.69
Level G-3 to Level G-6 $65,001 to $103,000 $26.36 $26.10
Level G-7 and above $103,001 and above $33.86 $33.53

GST Inclusive



Special Purpose Financial Report 2020

President’s Report

Secretary’s Report


The HSUWA Strategic Framework 2021

Following the union’s strategic planning days commenced in late 2019 with union staff, Committee Members and Union Representatives, the union during the year developed a strategic framework to clarify our focus and goals. The documents here set out the general framework. A detailed set of Initiatives sit under each Objective for the purposes of the union’s planning and the work of prioritising those Initiatives is underway.

HSUWA Your Union

HSUWA Vision, Purpose and Values

HSUWA Goals and Objectives

Adrian Barrett, Assistant Secretary, HSUWA 

Cheryl Hamill, President, HSUWA | Head of Department, Library & Information EMHS and SMHS
Naomi McCrae, Secretary, HSUW

Craig Russell, Senior Clinical Psychologist, CAMHS
Melissa Wagner, Senior Organiser, HSUWA
Dan Hill, Former Secretary HSUWA (retired)

Rina Rukmini, Librarian, Fiona Stanley Hospital
Kate Tribble, Organiser HSUWA

John Shehade, Manager Prosthetics and Orthotics Fiona Stanley Hospital
Cheryl Hamill, President HSUWA | Head of Department, Library & Information EMHS and SMHS

Javad Tehrani, Floor Supervisor, Patient Support Services PCH
Cheryl Hamill, President HSUWA | Head of Department, Library & Information EMHS and SMHS

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