Union gains significant improvements for St John of God Health Care Employees

Friday 01 Apr 2016

Update on EA negotiations: St John of God Health Care and HSU - Health Professionals, Clerical and Technical Enterprise Agreement 2016

The Union and SJGHC management have concluded negotiations and reached an in-principle agreement on the settlement of a new Enterprise Agreement that will provide employment provisions for SJGHC staff (including Midland) over the next three years.

The following is a summary of the key changes:

  • The Agreement covers all hospitals (including Midland) and Caregivers engaged at Shared Services.

  • Service and leave entitlements recognised when transferring between SJGHC sites.

  • Clarification of procedures and guidelines for 12 hour shifts.

  • On call allowance increased by 2.5% annually.

  • Clarification of call back arrangements when:
    - The call out period extends into ordinary hours of duty, and
    - As to when the 9.5 hours break provision will apply.
  • Accrued Time Off to be paid out when:
    - Proceeding on more than 8 weeks leave, or
    - Where there is an adjustment to contracted hours of work.

  • Professional Callings notice of resignation - 4 weeks.
  • Additional Professional Development may be granted on a case by case basis.
  • New provisions explaining how positions are classified.

  • New provisions providing for Christmas/New Year close down.
  • New provisions providing for leave to be taken where a Caregiver has excess accrued leave during periods of low activity.

  • New provisions providing for the option of working at another hospital in lieu of taking excess leave.

  • Classifications

    - Classification translations for ex HDWA Caregivers at Midland.
    - Undertaking to review Professional Callings classifications during the life of the Agreement.

The draft Enterprise Agreement should be available for staff via the SJGHC Compass intranet website. There are a number of changes from the current Enterprise Agreement, so members are strongly advised to thoroughly review the new Enterprise Agreement prior to voting.

The ballot of employees is run by SJGHC and closes on 5 April 2016. Make sure your voice is heard to determine the acceptance or not of the proposed new Enterprise Agreement.

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