Union Win: St John of God Health Care Commits to COVID Leave

Wednesday 02 Mar 2022

Effective Monday 21 February 2022, St John of God Health Care adopted the WA Government Leave Arrangements regarding COVID -19. 

Health Workers at St John of God Health Care may be granted up to 20 days of special paid leave (per annum, non-cumulative) prior to accessing your personal, annual or sick leave allocation in the following circumstances: 

  • You contract COVID-19; 
  • You suffer adverse reactions from the vaccine and cannot attend work as a consequence (appropriate evidence will be required to support this absence); 
  • You need to attend for a COVID-19 test and/or you are isolating, while awaiting test results (if you cannot work remotely); 
  • The government requires you to isolate/quarantine (if you cannot work remotely); 
  • You are in quarantine following work related travel. 

In addition, if you are required to care for someone else (someone with COVID-19 or in isolation/ quarantine, or in the event your child’s school has closed and no other care arrangements are available) then Special Paid Leave may be available, if you have no carer’s leave available. 

St John of God Health Care have made it clear that appropriate evidence to support your application for special paid leave will need to be supplied before the leave is granted.

Without Union pressure Health employers, including the State Government may not have made provision of COVID leave for the Health Workforce. Congratulations to those Members who advocated for change.

Encourage your colleagues to join the HSUWA here.

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