WACHS ‘Refinancing’

Friday 17 Nov 2017

WA Country Health have started to restructure their financial accounting services with 38 positions being moved to Perth and Bunbury. Currently this type of work is distributed across the State in the various health regions. The restructure will consolidate the WACHS financial accounting services into one team, located at two ‘processing hubs’. One ‘hub’ will be located in Bunbury and perform accounts payable and accounts receivable services, and one ‘hub’ will be in Perth for general ledger and fixed asset accounting services.

All of the work will transfer from the regions to these hubs by about 1 September 2018, it will see a substantial change to the organisational structure of WACHS Finance.  Members should by now have received letters regarding  their positions in the proposed restructure.

In an answer to a question in Parliament the Health Minister, Roger Cook, said “No staff member will be left without a job as a result of the decision that was made.”

The net effects of this are mixed. On the one hand members predominately at Level 2 located in the regions will either have to move or be redeployed into a different type of work.  On the other hand many of the new jobs at Bunbury and Perth are at Level 3.  This restructure does continue the trend of WACHS jobs popping up in Perth, and makes the city the fastest growing hub for country health jobs.  


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