Warm reception at Northam for HSUWA Organisers

Monday 17 Feb 2014

The beginning of the Public Sector EBA Campaign provides the Union with a great opportunity for our Organisers to visit hospitals and health sites outside of the metro region - not that we need an excuse!

Two HSUWA Organisers spent a great day in Northam, getting to know the staff at Northam Hospital and visit many of the Department's sites in town.  They got a thorough briefing on some of the challenges and issues experienced by members across the Wheatbelt region, shared a lot of information and conducted an EBA consultation meeting at the hospital. 

They had a very warm welcome and some fantastic feedback about the value of the Union's work with these regional services.

The afternoon was spent talking to staff across Health Infrastructure, Population Health, Regional Head offices and other sites in town. 

A special thank you to our Northam Representatives - Kate Gellard and Steven Douglas - for providing some good information and insights into working life for Northam Health Department employees.

The HSUWA is planning another visit to the regions.  Our regional and remote members face some additional challenges, unique to their work environment, that are best understood by frequent visits.

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