What happens after the EBA ballot closes?

Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

The process from here:

  1. The offer was accepted in principle by the union’s Committee of Management, subject to a ballot of members.

  2. The union has advised the Department of the ballot outcome and this means that the first pay increase will apply from 1 July 2018. All other changes will apply from the date of registration of the Agreement.

  3. Payment of any increase and the back pay will not take place until after the new agreement is registered.

  4. The Agreement cannot be signed and lodged until agreement has been reached on the final wording of any changes to the Agreement.

  5. Any employee who resigns from Health prior to the agreement being registered does not receive back pay.

  6. Casuals who have been employed continuously up to and including the date of registration will have to make a claim for back pay on a case by case basis.

  7. Once we know the date the Agreement is to be registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission, Health Industrial Relations will work with HSS to establish the dates for payment and back pay.

  8. It is difficult to nominate an exact timing for the registration of the Agreement. In addition to the minimum timings and notifications required by law, the timing of the Commission’s registration processes are a matter for the Commission and out of our hands and the hands of the employer.

  9. Based on past experience, we would expect matters to be finalised by the end of September 2018. Our best advice is don’t spend it until you get it.

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