You think?

Thursday 11 Feb 2016

The kids are back at school, you're back at work, the next holiday is booked, next on the 2016 to do list is to think about your pay and conditions.

We would like to help, so we have put a quick survey together to hear the views of members employed in public hospitals and health services. If you haven't had a chance to provide your feed back as yet you can still participate here.

Your thoughts and opinions matter, and you may feel you want to discuss how the whole negotiating the pay and conditions thing works, and how we should go about it. The survey has been extended to 18th February 2016.

We're keen so we have organised a bunch of lunch time meetings across the Metro area, see the list here.

What if you are in the country or can't make a meeting but still want to have a two way chat about these issues? Well, you can always call us, we're more than happy to talk . If you have a group maybe we can organise a workplace meeting, or if it is more convenient maybe an online video conference, or a good old fashioned teleconference.

This is going to be a busy time, negotiating a new pay deal at the same time as jobs are lost to meet State budget cuts, and the funding issues which drive these cuts will be front and centre in both Federal and State elections.

P.S. - We also have a Reps day planned for 7th April, pencil it in your diary, invitations will be organised soon , but if you want to tell us now that you can come please email

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