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New EBA Registered - 18 September 2018

The new WA Health - HSUWA - PACTS - Industrial Agreement 2018 was registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission on 18 September 2018. A copy of the Agreement can be found here

A list of changes to the EBA can be found here

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018

Current EBA expires 30 June 2018

The current WA Health - HSUWA - PACTS - Industrial Agreement 2016 was registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission on Thursday 8th September 2016. A copy of the Agreement can be found here and a salaries flier here.

This Agreement expires on 30 June 2018.

What happens after the EBA ballot closes?

31 July 2018

The process from here:

  1. The offer was accepted in principle by the union’s Committee of Management, subject to a ballot of members.

  2. The union has advised the Department of the ballot outcome and this means that the first pay increase will apply from 1 July 2018. All other changes will apply from the date of registration of the Agreement.

  3. Payment of any increase and the back pay will not take place until after the new agreement is registered.

  4. The Agreement cannot be signed and lodged until agreement has been reached on the final wording of any changes to the Agreement.

  5. Any employee who resigns from Health prior to the agreement being registered does not receive back pay.

  6. Casuals who have been employed continuously up to and including the date of registration will have to make a claim for back pay on a case by case basis.

  7. Once we know the date the Agreement is to be registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission, Health Industrial Relations will work with HSS to establish the dates for payment and back pay.

  8. It is difficult to nominate an exact timing for the registration of the Agreement. In addition to the minimum timings and notifications required by law, the timing of the Commission’s registration processes are a matter for the Commission and out of our hands and the hands of the employer.

  9. Based on past experience, we would expect matters to be finalised by the end of September 2018. Our best advice is don’t spend it until you get it.

EBA Ballot Information

06 July 2018

Dear Member,

This information is to assist members in deciding whether to accept or reject the pay and conditions offer from the Department of Health.

A comparison of the Union claims and the Department of Health’s offer can be found here.  We have included some comments on the employer’s offer. We have arranged a round of meetings at Metro sites and a teleconference for WACHS members to be available to discuss the offer and the options. You can also contact the union office if you have any questions.

The ballot will be sent to you as a separate email this week.  That email will include a link to a Survey Monkey survey where you will be asked to vote YES or NO.  You will only be able to vote once from the email address the ballot was sent to.  Your vote will be encrypted and confidential. 

Note: If you do not have access to the internet from your email you will need to contact the union office (see below) to receive a paper ballot. Members without email addresses will automatically be sent paper ballots.

It is your decision, and to assist we have provided some information about voting YES or NO.

Voting YES

The HSUWA Committee of Management resolved to recommend that members vote YES to the offer, the resolution is as follows:

That the HSUWA Committee of Management accepts in principle the WA Health letter of offer dated 25 June 2018, subject to the offer being accepted by a ballot of members.

Having considered the current economic environment, government wages policy, wage outcomes in other public-sector Agreements, the terms of the offer and changes proposed the COM resolves to recommend the offer to members.

If members vote YES to the offer then the Union will advise the Department of Health, complete the drafting of the new Agreement, and proceed with registration of the agreement. Pay increases will be guaranteed from 1st July 2018. Other changes will apply from the date of registration of the Agreement in the WA Industrial Relations Commission.

Voting NO

If members choose to vote NO to the current offer then this means there will be no pay increase from 1 July 2018.  The Union and the Department/Government have concluded negotiations, we have reached the point where there is little to gain from further discussion. Voting NO to the offer means, in effect, that members are prepared to strike and apply serious work bans to try and get improvements to the offer.

We can reasonably predict that industrial action would be stopped by the WA Industrial Relations Commission. While we could hope for arbitration it is highly unlikely to succeed as it would either require the Government to agree to arbitration on a specific matter or the Commission to agree to arbitrate in which case the whole of the existing Agreement and the Offer would be at risk. The other consideration is that even if there was arbitration it is very doubtful that the Arbitrator would offer a better deal than we already have, taking into account that other Public Sector unions have signed up to similar Agreements, and we know that the State’s finances are still in the red. You may recall that the Police Union took action and ended up in the Commission and gained nothing more. 

What we do know is that voting NO to the current offer would mean the effective date of any pay increase would only be from the date we finally reached agreement, and any conditions changes would likely be lost.

If you cannot open the link in this email please contact the union office at or 9328 5155.


Dan Hill



EBA Update 

02 July 2018

The HSUWA and the Department of Health have concluded negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement with an offer received on 25 June 2018.

The Union’s Committee of Management met on Monday 25 June to consider the offer and resolved:

"That the HSUWA Committee of Management accepts in principle the WA Health letter of offer dated 25 June 2018, subject to the offer being accepted by a ballot of members.

Having considered the current economic environment, government wages policy, wage outcomes in other public-sector Agreements, the terms of the offer and changes proposed the COM resolves to recommend the offer to members."  

The offer includes pay increases, subject to acceptance by a ballot of members, of $1,000 per annum from 1 July 2018 and a further $1,000 from 1 July 2019. (Pro rata for part time employees). The first pay increase will only be paid to employees who are in employment as at the date a new Agreement is registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission. The offer is for a two year agreement expiring on 30 June 2020, the draft salaries schedule can be found here.  

In addition to the wage increases there are new provisions relating to secure employment, contracting out, consultation, and more. 

A summary of the changes included in the offer can be found here. These changes will take effect from the date a new Agreement is registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission.  

These changes are in response to the Union’s Log of Claims here.

We are organising an electronic ballot of members, as follows:  

  • You will receive a first email which will explain the terms of the proposed agreement, consider the implications of voting yes or no , and provide a recommendation to members. This will also tell you when to expect to receive the ballot and the closing date for the vote.
  • An email ballot will be sent to members.  Please note – if you cannot open the links in this email then you need to contact the union at or 9328 5155 to request a paper ballot to be sent to your home address.  Members who have not provided the union with an email address will be sent paper ballots. If you receive an electronic ballot and cannot vote we will send you a paper ballot.

We are arranging workplace meetings in the Metro area and a teleconference with country members, we will advise separately when we have the dates and venues confirmed.   

You can contact the union office on 9328 5155 or email at if you would like to discuss the offer and its implications for you.

Thank you for your continuing support, I hope to see many of you at the meetings or talk with you in the country teleconference.


Dan Hill


EBA Update 

24 May 2018

The Log of Claims was endorsed by the Reps Conference and the union’s Committee of Management and forms the basis of negotiations between the Union and the Department of Health.

It is clear that the Department’s bargaining position is constrained by Government wages policy which seeks to limit pay increases to $1, 000 per annum. This same financial straitjacket is being applied to any claims which have an apparent cost. To be frank, in our view it is unlikely that negotiations will yield any significant additional financial benefit in this round of bargaining. This is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone given similar outcomes for public servants, police, and teachers.

There will likely be a number of improvements to some provisions in the Agreement, albeit that these won’t have apparent cost to the employer. We have not been able to reach an agreed position as yet on secure employment. Our aim is to increase the levels of permanent employment. There are also ongoing separate negotiations between Public Sector Unions including the HSUWA with Government about secure employment matters but it is difficult to know when these might conclude. We believe that there is nothing stopping Health from agreeing now to advertise and fill substantively vacant positions on a permanent basis.

The Department have also not so far agreed to no contracting out or privatisation, which given Government policy is anti both of these, seems an odd stance. We have asked the Minister for Health and the Minister for Commerce and Industrial Relations to give our members the same assurances the Government have given to Hospital Support Workers. We do expect to have an offer from the Department in the next couple of weeks which we will report back to members.



20 April 2018

The union held a Reps Conference at the Perth Zoo on Thursday 12 April to finalise the union’s log of claims for a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

The current EBA expires on 30 June 2018.  There have been two pay increases in this current EBA – 1.5% from 1 July 2016 and 1.5% from 1 July 2017. 

There will be no further pay increases or changes to other conditions of employment until the union and the Department of Health reach agreement. 

Our goal is to have an agreement in place by 30 June 2018.

The union’s Committee of Management have accepted the Reps conference recommendation and have endorsed the log of claims.

We have consulted extensively with members since the start of this year with meetings at all major Metro locations, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Esperance, and a teleconference with other WACHS members.  Our member EBA Survey had nearly 1,000 responses (compared to about 600 in 2016).

The key feedback from this process have been that while members are realistic about pay increases, you are determined to get improvements in job security, workload management, and flexible work arrangements. The log of claims reflects these member priorities.

You can find the log of claims here.

Formal negotiations with the Department of Health will now commence.

As always, we will negotiate in good faith and seek serious and thoughtful consideration of our log of claims from the Department of Health.  We will keep members informed of progress, and if there is not, we will come back to you with a plan of action.

We need to be ready to act, I urge you to help us organise to get the best possible agreement we can. Ask your colleagues if they are in the union and encourage them to join if they are not.

If your workplace doesn’t have a union rep, consider becoming a Workplace Representative. 

For more info please contact   

Dan Hill




13 March 2018

As you know, the union have initiated bargaining with the employer for a new Agreement to start with effect from 1 July 2018 and we are undertaking extensive consultation with members to build the Log of Claims. We have surveyed members and meetings are being conducted across metro hospital sites, at HSS and video conferences with our WACHS members – look out for your email invitation to attend a meeting at these sites. 

We had a huge response to the survey - thank you for taking the time and effort to tell us about what matters to you.  We continue to work through the significant number of comments and suggestions from members about what we should claim in the EBA.  If you’d like to add to the feedback we have already gathered you can do that by talking to your representative, attending a union meeting, emailing or calling the union office. 

The end of this process is the EBA Conference to be held at the Perth Zoo on 12 April where your Workplace Representatives will review and finalise our claims.

We know that this will likely be a financially tight round, the government’s bargaining position is as most members will know a flat $1,000 per annum for full timers, pro rata for part timers, plus any other changes need to be revenue neutral.  You told us in the survey that secure employment, flexible work arrangements and workload management are all significant issues and we have developed claims aimed at addressing those issues.  There is still plenty of opportunity to tell us your ideas on what you need to make your work life. 

If you don’t have a Representative in your area, please consider nominating (or tell us who you think would make a great Rep!).

*All meetings start times 12:30pm unless stated

ArmadaleConference Room Goline House7 March, Wed (11:30 am)
BentleyB Block LT7 March, Wed
FremantleT Block LT 18 March, Thurs
RGHGround Floor Seminar Rm15 March, Thurs (1:00 pm)
HSSRoom 1:115 March, Thurs
FSSEducation Seminar Rm G721 March, Wed
OPHManagement Meeting Room22 March, Thurs
KEMHLower Ground Conference Room27 March, Tues
SCGHSocial Club27 March, Tues
GraylandsAnderson Hall28 March, Wed
RPHBrian Vivian LT29 March, Thurs

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