Public Sector Alliance


On Tuesday 8 June 2021, HSUWA and other key public sector unions publicly committed to working together for the end the current state wages policy of $1000/year, and a return to genuine bargaining and meaningful investment into the public sector. Together we launched the Public Sector Union Alliance.

HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae spoke at the launch about the importance of a vibrant and sustainable public sector for WA, and how the current policy is not only failing HSUWA members, but everybody in WA. Please read the full Alliance statement here.

As we move next year into renegotiating our union agreement for public sector health workers next year, having solidarity with other public sector union members will be critical to winning a fair pay increase. The Alliance is an exciting development for all public sector union members, as we are a serious force in this state when we are committed to working and campaigning together.

The Alliance has written to the Premier ahead of the next state budget in September 2021 here

The HSUWA urge you to download, sign, and ask your colleagues to sign, the petition

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