The Health Services Union of Western Australia

The HSUWA is a specialised union of health workers in Western Australia.

Our members work in hospitals and health services, aged care, disabilities, imaging, pathology, private practices and allied health.

We are a growing union organising and campaigning for better pay, conditions and careers for our members.

We are a leading progressive voice of health policy in Western Australia.

We are part of the National Health Services Union, representing more than 100,000 health workers in Australia.


On behalf of the HSUWA, welcome.

Tens of thousands of people work across the health system, both public and private. Our members make up the most significant part of the health workforce. We cover the many jobs and varied expertise needed to care for the community and run a health system.

We are dedicated to our purpose - to empower our members to advance their collective interests through organising, support, advocacy and influence.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us. Together we are stronger. Join today.

Naomi McCrae, Secretary

Member News

HSUWA Quarterly Highlights September 2021

 We wish to share with you some of the considerable things achieved through your commitment as an HSUWA member.Here is a summary of some HSUWA member wins and milestones across the Public and Private Health Sectors this quarter.The HSUWA is with ... read more

Clinical Perfusionists: The Beating Heart of Theatre

A what? Is what people might ask when told about this relatively new profession in the health sector. Today we speak with member Stuart, a Clinical Perfusionist from Fiona Stanley Hospital and member of HSUWA.Clinical Perfusionists are one of the many ... read more

State Government Agrees to Devise a New Wages Policy

In a significant win for HSUWA members the State Government has brought forward the review of the state wages policy for public sector workers.  This is a positive first step in the HSUWA’s push to secure a much-needed pay rise for members. ... read more

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