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The HSUWA is the union that represents more than 20,000 allied health and health science professionals, technicians and assistants, clerical and administrative staff, general employees, supervisors and managers. If you are not sure if your job is one of the 250+ occupations eligible to join the HSUWA then give us a call.  We work hard to support our members at work and we campaign for better health policies and outcomes for all West Australians.

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Naomi McCrae, Secretary

Member News

Union News September 2019

The latest edition of the HSUWA Union News for September 2019 has been released. If you did not receive an email, you can read the newsletter here. read more

CI-23 - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Chinese philosopher Laozi’s famous saying is a good description of where Commissioner’s Instruction 23 (CI-23) is currently at, the first step of a long and difficult journey.In our last report we laid out our concerns about the glacially ... read more

Things to talk about

Things to talk about When negotiating your current EBA in 2018 there were specific items that the parties (your employer and your union) agreed were unresolved and could be better resolved at the individual HSP level.It was agreed in principle that: ... read more

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