The Health Services Union of Western Australia

HSUWA is a specialised union of health workers in Western Australia.

Our members work in hospitals and health services, aged care, disabilities, imaging, pathology, private practices and allied health.

We are a growing union organising and campaigning for better pay, conditions and careers for our members.

We are a leading progressive voice of health policy in Western Australia.

We are part of the national Health Services Union, representing more than 100,000 health workers in Australia.

On behalf of the HSUWA, welcome.

Tens of thousands of people work across the health system, both public and private. Our members make up the biggest part of the health workforce. We cover the many jobs and varied expertise needed to care for the community and run a health system.

To find out more about all the jobs that make up our union see here or if would like to find out more, please contact us here. We are dedicated to our purpose - to empower our members to advance their collective interests through organising, support, advocacy and influence.

Together we are stronger. Join today.

Naomi McCrae, Secretary

Member News

Union AGM 2020

The HSUWA Annual General Meeting was held last week to review the work of 2020. We held the event at the union office having recently created a more useable courtyard in the outdoor area behind the building and refreshed our downstairs training ... read more

Union Representative of the Year 2020

We congratulate all our nominees for this award, who have been outstanding advocates for their colleagues. Union Representatives are the lifeblood of our union, we salute you! Javad Tehrani from Perth Children’s Hospital and Leonie Whitfield from ... read more

HSU Members need to fight the Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill

Union members face another fight with the Morrison Government over the Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill, which will make significant changes to the Fair Work Act by affecting and reducing hard-won worker conditions and rights, in the guise of ... read more

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