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The HSUWA is the union that represents more than 20,000 allied health and health science professionals, technicians and assistants, clerical and administrative staff, supervisors and managers.We work hard to support our members at work and we campaign for better health policies and outcomes for all West Australians.

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Member News

EBA 2016 Update (14 July 2016) - WA Health EBA Ballot Information

Dear MemberThe purpose of this update is to provide members with sufficient information to support your decision to accept or reject the pay and conditions offer from the Department of Health in the EBA Ballot.The EBA Ballot will be sent to you as a ... read more

New EBA for SwanCare Group Employees Reached

The Union and SwanCare Group (SCG) management have concluded negotiations and have reached in-principle agreement on settlement of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) that will provide for SCG staff’s employment provisions over the next ... read more

UPDATE: Upheaval in Private Pathology

UPDATEThe ballot for the Enterprise Agreement has now been completed with 95.67% of Caregivers participating in the ballot approving the new Agreement.The next stage in the process is to have the document signed by SJGHC and the Union Secretary, Dan ... read more

Media Releases

Barnett Government fails to support victims of family and domestic violence

The Health Services Union (WA) has called on Premier Colin Barnett to do more to support victims of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV), and to reconsider his opposition to special leave for victims of FDV employed in the WA public sector.In recent EBA ... read more

Serious funding shortfall in acute mental health services putting kids at risk

The Health Services Union (HSUWA) says transition of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) as a result of the new Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH), is shaping up as a disaster because of a serious shortfall in funding for a range ... read more

State budget reveals cuts to health staff numbers set to continue

The union representing health professionals said the state budget had once again failed to deliver for the health system, with the Government’s program to slash thousands of jobs set to continue over the next 4 years.The HSUWA said the ... read more

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