Advocacy, negotiation and action to achieve better pay and conditions for Members is our priority.

We do this in many different ways, but the number one way is through collective bargaining.

Collective Bargaining

Unions regularly negotiate collective Agreements with employers.

These Agreements set the terms and conditions of employment across a workforce over a period of time (usually two or three years) and are legally binding. Members work hard to maintain and improve workplace pay and conditions, through collective Agreement negotiations.

When people come together and join their Union, they build power to be able to achieve higher pay and better conditions from their employer through the collective bargaining process.

Many people work under collective agreements and enjoy the pay and conditions won by union members – but have not joined their union. This seriously affects your union’s ability to protect what has been won and the chances of making further improvements.

Two male union members sit at a table discussing the log of claims for their Union Agreement.