Here are 10 reasons you should join the HSUWA

5. Win change

Being in a Union is about standing together to win changes you could never make acting alone. Working together builds collective strength. We can then use that strength to make our workplaces and our lives better.

6. Professional Indemnity Insurance

Members can access our $20 million Professional Indemnity Insurance policy that protects against claims of breach of duty because of a negligent act, error or omission relating to your work. This is also a cost-effective way for regulated professionals to ensure they have the right insurance to meet AHPRA registration requirements.

7. Journey Cover

Did you know that if you’re injured travelling to or from work, you are not covered by workers’ compensation? That’s where HSUWA Journey Cover insurance comes in. It aims to help you make ends meet when off work due to an injury sustained on your work commute.

8. Member only discounts

Thanks to our exclusive member benefits partners at Shoprite and Australian Unions, HSUWA Members can save thousands each year across some of Australia’s biggest brands and retailers, like Myer or Woolworths, plus hundreds more.

9. Discounted legal services

Members are also eligible to receive a free consultation and access to discounted legal services with our third party providers for wills, workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.

10. Events, networking and career advancement

Being a part of HSUWA means you are part of a community of union colleagues. There are many opportunities to get involved, network or build connections within your industry.