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Patient safety and staff safety are intrinsically linked. Increasing workforce shortages place health services under immense pressure and delay care. Strengthening and protecting the experienced health workforce should be the number priority of the State Government and every health employer.

Safe Staffing

Identify clear and immediate escalation points for staff when staffing levels or workloads become unsafe for staff or patients.

Free Voice

When staff publicly raise concerns for the welfare of patients, guarantee there will be no repercussions for those staff.

Safe Rostering

Prioritise and implement safe rostering practices and best practice fatigue management for shift workers.

Legal Protections

Implement employment and legal protections for staff responding to unsafe situations, especially Security Officers.

More Health & Safety Representatives

Develop targets to achieve high numbers of trained Health and Safety Representatives across workplaces.

Protect Regulated Health Professionals

Stop the harsh consequences to individuals for inappropriate reporting to AHPRA.

Reinstate COVID Leave

Reinstate access to COVID Leave ahead of personal leave when COVID+.

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