Protect Us. Respect Us. Pay Us.

 A red web banner with the words Protect Us. Respect Us. Pay Us along side two female and one male health worker.


Health Services Union of WA Members are on the front line of the pandemic response and continue to work above and beyond to ensure the WA community is cared for. 

However, being on the front lines means we are at greater risk.  We are working in tough and challenging conditions, where we must balance the unrelenting pressures for services with safe infection controls. Many of us are working in full PPE over long shifts. The demands of responding to the pandemic are real, affecting us and impacting our families and loved ones. 

We are committed to providing the best health care available for the WA community and we call on our employers to Protect, Respect and Pay us.

Protect us.  Step up and commit to:

  • Providing the best PPE and workplace ventilation.
  • Ensuring safe staffing levels, proper breaks and rest.
  • Implement 20 days paid COVID Leave for isolation and recovery from illness.

Respect us.  Listen to what we are telling you loud and clear, and:

  • Recruit and plan the future health workforce now.
  • Commit to no more than 10% of workers in insecure jobs.
  • Retain your highly qualified and specialised health professionals by acknowledging the complexity of their work has changed and new pay structures are needed.

Pay Us.  For too long we have accepted less than we deserve: 

  • increase pay by at least 4% each year for the next 3 years and shows us you value our expertise. (HSUWA Members reserve the right to increase their claim based on cost of living pressures).
  • Ensure pay equity on basic entitlements, like shift penalties and when on-call, across all health employees.
  • Immediately implement a COVID Surge Allowance to retain the people needed to manage the extra workload, face higher risks and work in PPE.


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