Union Training


Union training is one of the best ways members can be better educated about their rights at work.

It's important to stay up to date and understand the hard-fought conditions HSUWA members have won over many decades. The best way to win more is to educate and empower yourself. 

As a member, you can attend our training for free and we cater for morning tea and lunch. 

If you work in the public sector, you can use your paid trade union training leave to attend our training sessions.

If you are employed in the private sector, please check your training entitlements in your enterprise agreement or contact the union office for advice on attending.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!


This one-day, hands-on course is the first step to understanding your rights at work. It includes practical exercises to improve your understanding of your Union Agreement and lively discussions with fellow union members about work challenges and how to address them.

The course is available for all current financial members.

You can express your interest via email to reps@hsuwa.com.au.

Union Representatives 

This course is delivered as two single-day sessions and is recommended for all union representatives. The course teaches you how to be an effective union rep for all members. If you would like to become a union rep, check out our info sheet.

You can express your interest via email to reps@hsuwa.com.au




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