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HSUWA is a specialised health union dedicated to organise and campaign for better pay, conditions and careers for our members. We are a leading progressive voice in health policy in Western Australia and part of the national health services union, representing more than 100,000 health workers in Australia.

You are eligible to join the HSUWA if you are a Health Professional including all Allied Health and Medical Science roles,  Health Technician, Administrator or Clerk, Supervisor or Manager working in Health.

Our members work in public and private hospitals and health services, pathology, radiology, aged care, disability services, allied health practices, pharmacies and dental practices.

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By joining your union, you will benefit from the collective strength of thousands of union members and be part of collective efforts to improve pay and conditions.

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For more information, email us at or phone us on (08) 9328 5155. 

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Please be aware of our non-member policy, for those people who are joining on the basis of seeking assistance for a pre-existing issue. 

This pre-existing issue policy will apply to any new  members who have joined after the announcement (on 2 September 2021) of the Health Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions (Directions) in relation to any requests for industrial assistance to resist the vaccination. 

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HSUWA Direct Debit Service Agreement

By making this Direct Debit request, you have authorised the HSUWA to arrange for funds to be debited from your account to cover your Union Dues.

Membership subscriptions are reviewed annually and the Union will adjust deductions as rates are altered.

Deductions will commence on the next office Direct Debit run after the request is received by the Union.

Where a payment is dishonoured due to insufficient funds, your Bank/Financial Institution may charge your account. Make sure you read and understand the form before you sign.

Payments are deducted from your account fortnightly. Remember Direct Debit is like a cheque, you must have sufficient funds in your account on the nominated day of payment.

Direct Debiting does not allow the Union access to your account. Your bank guarantees security of your accounts. If you change your Bank or Account, make sure you notify the Union, as a new authority form will be required.

If you wish to cancel the Direct Debit payment, you must do so in writing to the Union. Deductions will continue to be made until your written cancellation is received.

If you become unemployed or retire, make sure you notify the Union as soon as possible.

This must be done in writing. Deductions will not stop until you notify the Union in writing and cancel your authority.


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